Wire Shapes

Wire Spring 

Wire forming is refering to a spring that virtually any shape can be formed.

C Ring
CR – 12.6mmØ x 8mm O/D
CR – 22.6mmØ x 10mm O/D
Bearing Clip
BC – 11.8mm Ø x 45mm O/D
BC – 21.8mm Ø x 50mm O/D
Housing Clip
HC – 12.5mm Ø x 58mm O/D
HC – 22.7mm Ø x 56mm O/D
Bolt Seal Clip
BSC – 10.9mm Ø x 8mm O/D
BSC – 21mm Ø x 9.2mm O/D
BSC – 31.2mm Ø x 16.4mm O/D
BSC – 41.5mm Ø x 11mm O/D
Wire Size0.3mm upwards
MaterialsLow Carbon Steel, High Cardbon Steel, Stainless Steel
ShapesThere are a limitless variety of wire shapes from simple shapes such as hooks to complex three dimensional forms.

Quotes/ Orders
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