Tension Spring

Extension & Tension Spring    


Wire Size 0.3mm ? 5mm
Materials Piano Wire, High Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Ends There is a large variety of end types that can be put on a tension spring including: machine loops; extended loops; double loops; tapers; threaded inserts; hooks or eyes at various positions; extended hooks.

Different Ends Available
Life Hook (TS – 1) Single Full Loop (TS – 2) Double Full Loop (TS – 3)
Raised Hook (TS – 4) Square Hook (TS – 5) Machine Half Hook (TS – 6)
Double Tension Spring with Life Hook (TS – 7)

Tension springs, like compression springs, are stressed in shear but are ?pulled? rather than ?pushed? in order to effect energy transfer.

We can produce large quantities efficiently using modern computer aided machines but we have the facility to make small quantities of prototypes and samples to customer specifications.
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