Spring Plate

Spring Liner
SL – 1 0.8mm Thk x 19mm Width x 305mm Length
SL – 2 1.2mm Thk x 15mm Width x 432mm Length
SL – 3 1.2mm Thk x 20mm Width x 566mm Length
SL – 4 1.4mm Thk x 22mm Width x 457mm Length
SL – 5 1.4mm Thk x 22mm Width x 483mm Length
SL – 6 1.6mm Thk x 20mm Width x 395mm Length
Door Lock Plate
1.2mm x 2mm Ø x 28mm O/D
Plate Thickness 0.15mm ? 2mm
Materials SK5, SUS
Finishes Electroplating
Quantities We can produce large quantities efficiently using modern computer aided machines, but we have the facility to make small quantities of prototypes and samples to customer specifications.
Ordering Drawings, samples or dimensions are essential.


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