Compression Spring

Compression Spring
Wire Size 0.3mm ? 25mm
Materials SUP9, High Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Shapes Helical, conical, barrel, hour-glass.
Ends Open, closed & ground, closed & unground.
Different Ends Available
Ball Pen
BP – 1 0.4mm Ø x 4.4mm O/D x 29.5mm Length
BP – 2 0.5mm Ø x 4.5mm O/D x 26.5mm Length
BP – 3 0.5mm Ø x 4.5mm O/D x 27.8mm Length
P – 1 1.2mm Ø x 15mm O/D x 32mm Length
P – 2 2mm Ø x 17mm O/D x 32mm Length
P – 3 2.5mm Ø x 19mm O/D x 28mm Length
P – 4 3mm Ø x 24mm O/D x 52mm Length
P – 5 5.5mm Ø x 26mm O/D x 46mm Length
Vibration Isolator
VI – 1 5mm Ø x 50mm O/D x 80mm Length
VI – 2 6mm Ø x 50mm O/D x 80mm Length
VI – 3 7mm Ø x 50mm O/D x 80mm Length
VI – 4 11mm Ø x 75mm O/D x 100mm Length
VI – 5 13.5mm Ø x 90mm O/D x 146mm Length
Heavy Machine
HM – 1 16mm Ø x 85mm O/D x 254mm Height
HM – 2 19mm Ø x 120mm O/D x 450 mm Height
HM – 3 20mm Ø x 152mm O/D x 210mm Height
HM – 4 22mm Ø x 118mm O/D x 208mm Height
HM – 5 25mm Ø x 148mm O/D x 270mm Height

Compression springs are open-coil helical springs wound or constructed to oppose compression along the axis of wind.

Finishing Processes
Tempering, de-burring, sand blasting available as required.
Electroplating, powder coating, lacquer coating
We can produce large quantities efficiently using modern computer aided machines but we have the facility to make small quantities of prototypes and samples to customer specifications.
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